Last night I dreamed that I died, and the I saw the funeral procession coming down the road.  The lead car  looked like the same one that brought my mother home from the hospital.IMG_0008I was filled with a sense of peace.  Choirs of angels surrounded me.  IMG_0049Halleluia! they shouted.  Another sinner saved.IMG_0059I kept wondering if they had the right guy.

It was starting to seem like I was home free.  Heaven.  I had made it.  I looked around to see if I could pick out some celestial celebrities.  I wasn’t quite sure, given their heavenly raiments, who was who. I saw a few minor gods and some saints.  Wasn’t that Poseidon with a couple of his minions?  And wasn’t that St. Cecelia, patron saint of music,  offering me a heavenly  hankie to dry my tears of joy?IMG_0046IMG_0041I really started to relax.  And then most amazing, I had a vision of the Supreme Omnipotent Being, and knew that despite all the evil and sin in the world, Goodness reigned.IMG_0056

But then something happened.  I started falling, so fast I lost consciousness   When I came to, the mood had changed.  The color had gone out of things, and the feeling was of menace.IMG_0037Was that a whip?

Then doubt turned into terror.  There  he stood, the Prince of Darkness.IMG_0026Oops, I said.  I’m outta here.  And I woke up, determined to be a much better person.



3 responses to “QUITE THE DREAM

  1. Wow! This is wonderful. I love the economical use of images and words. I felt like I was right there with you. I guess that means I should try to become a better person too.

  2. Really cool, Faro…

  3. One can always be better. AND…, you’re already a pretty cool person. :o)

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