Mr. Carton gets to the door and his wife Charlene asks if he’s going out like that. Quick on the draw, he notices he has put on only one shoe. Could they declare it absent-mindedness? Absent-mindedness is charming. He would be charmed if it happened to someone else, if it was a sock. But a shoe?

He doesn’t want to look at Charlene in case she looks alarmed. If Charlene is alarmed, he would be required to be alarmed too. He just wants to find his shoe and get out the house.

How could he lose his big shoe in a small house? Charlene believes in faeries and imps and such. Why would a faerie steal his shoe? Oh let the faerie have his shoe. He has a new pair that he never wears that he bought last winter for the rainy season that never came.

There is something very likable about the new shoes. Why has he not worn them before? When he walks it feels as though he is leaving impressive footprints, like Neil Armstrong’s on the moon. He feels undeniably iconic.

Later he will find they crimp his toes.


One response to “HAPLESS MALES (33)

  1. Francine Schwarzenberger

    I must confess – this one is different! Or did I forget something??

    Sr Francine

    When the power of LOVE overcomes the love of POWER, then the world will know peace. Jimi Hendrix

    Date: Sun, 23 Aug 2015 16:26:22 +0000 To: francineop@msn.com

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