Isn’t that the bottom line, why you’re here? You want to have fun. The good news is that wherever you are on the continuum of freedom in the water, you can have fun. Two feet four feet six feet a mile.

I spout this with complete confidence though this belief is not watertight. There have been students for whom every time entering the pool is taking bitter medicine. Tina looks over at Celeste to see her reaction. Celeste is tense just thinking about the water, thinking that one day she will have to let go of the wall. An observer might question, why is Celeste so afraid? The water is less than four feet deep. She’d have to work hard to drown.

Celeste would do the work, or thinks she would.

So fun is a seedling undernourished. Sometimes why is obvious, a plot line that fiction would scoff at. “My mother cut out headlines of every drowning and put them in front of me.” Almost always the why is less interesting than the how, how to dismantle the fortress built of half-truths.

Silly is fun. Get silly. Let the four year old splash and shriek. You’re safe.

Celeste can imagine that. That’s a start.

Sober Bob meanwhile looks at the clock, wondering how much longer this is going on.



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