I hurry to get to work.

I hurry to close the pickup door that opens into traffic.

I hurry to get through the stop light.

I hurry weeding the oxalis.

I hurry sweeping but it doesn’t help.

I hurry getting to my next job.

I hurry to get it finished so I can get home

the home I hurried from

some hours ago.


5 responses to “HURRY UP

  1. To suffer the penalty of too much haste, which is too little speed.

  2. Slow down, you move too fast
    You got to make the morning last
    Just kicking down the cobblestones
    Looking for fun and feelin’ groovy…

  3. sez the guy who talks to lampposts

  4. Sounds a little too familiar. . .

  5. Sharing on Facebook.

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