The next to last thing you need to hear (next to The Donald) is how the city has changed. More dogs and black SUV’s than you can shake a stick at. People walking talking into their phones. Weirdos are the ones saying “good morning.” Congestion of the streets, congestion of the spirit. I got honked at yesterday for being in the crosswalk by a woman in a red car. I could forgive her since, having come from a muddy garden, I probably looked like one of the homeless, ergo, an affront to the sensibilities of the entrepreneurial stratum. I had more trouble forgiving the twit in the car who gave me the finger after he cut me off and I honked, a mild civilized honk at that.


where have you gone joe dimaggio

Hang ‘im by his thumbs, I say.


2 responses to “ONLY DISCONNECT

  1. So what kind of a mood were you in when you penned this one, Richard?? Hope it has passed! But then I can relate to some days like that, too!

    Happy Easter!! Go get one of those hot cross buns with the lemon from the Italian bakery near you. Joanne

  2. Yes! to Joanne’s idea. Let’s go for hot cross buns. An act of faith.

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