Just the person I wanted to see” Anita says.


I need a hug.”

All over town people are hugging, a hold-on reaction to a tsunami. The flotsam of junk we thought got dumped safely away riding the wave back into our lives. I know, I shouldn’t talk about people that way. Christie. Gingrich. Palin.!!!?????? Budding Buddhists, and the city is full of them, try to find refuge in the Teachings. Go for a walk, let the trees convey their wisdom. Hate will never be overcome by more hate but only by love. Listen to the peace prayer of St. Francis. Make me an instrument of your peace.

Every morning you wake up and think, maybe it didn’t happen but there it is, stuck like a bean in your ear. My computer opens to the front page of the New York Times, a disturbed hive. The quiet morning is forgotten. Here is Paul Krugman: “Quietism has its appeals.” but concludes, “I couldn’t live with myself if I just gave up” Pundits line up with lists of things to do. Five things. Seven things. Five more things. (I apologize, Michael Moore, for calling you a pundit.)

I think of cousin Eileen posting Trump videos to put a human face on it. A woman, A feisty woman, and cousin Bernie, a smart woman, their heads stuffed with propaganda. That terrible Obama. But then I think, my sisters are products of that environment and not one of the four would ever ever ever consider voting for Agent Orange. I am trying to summon compassion, as I am encouraged to feel, for the disadvantaged, the left behind and the forgotten who did cast their ballots for him. (This does not include Eileen or Bernie both of whom are doing well, thank you.) Like Garrison Keillor, I give their reasons a big FEH. “Resentment is no excuse for bald-faced stupidity.”

Do something. Sit still. What?

Love trumps hate. For sure it’s going to take a lot of it.


3 responses to “PUNDITIOCY

  1. Thanks for the hug. And this. And yes, every morning. . .that feeling. . .and more sleep deprived than the day before.

  2. With you all the way, Richard. It’s been a very discouraging week and gets worse with each person added to “his” list of cohorts. Thanks for giving us some smiles. Joanne

  3. Yes, your sisters would never, ever, and I, try as I might, can’t figure out why it is so easy for the cousins to drink the Kool-Aid. Maybe I need to use something besides logic.

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