Lovely though man-made

this blue platter reflects a sky

unsullied by history personal or otherwise.

A phalanx of sea gulls

stares in one direction, as though the future

were there. And ducks, modest in apparel

honking their opinions and preferences.

A flash of teal at the neck makes me aware

I am not seeing everything

I might be seeing.

There are other birds, crows of course

and inconsequential darters in willow thickets.

The heron has returned and is

re-thatching a nest in the cypress.

How ordinary, this existence.


2 responses to “A LAKE OF ORDINARY BIRDS

  1. Francine Schwarzenberger OP

    So extraordinarily well written ….for what we call ordinary.

  2. Thank you for this beauty. We need poetry now more than ever, I think, although hard for me to remember to make time for it.

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