I am contending with a weird bug. In its tool box of mischief is a little allen wrench that turns some little nerve from On to Off. Now that I think of it, it is probably not some little nerve, more like an interstate shutdown, going from right leg to left fingertips. Two years ago I had something similar which landed me in the hospital for days of Cat Scans and MRIs and X-rays. Several time Guillian-Barre Syndrome was mentioned. I was asked my attitude toward ventilators. I said to my doctor, I can’t be dying. Everybody thinks I’m an incredibly healthy person. It would be so embarrassing.

The only thing the tests showed was some inflammation on the spinal cord. A couple of rounds of steroids later I could lift my foot and unfurl the smaller fingers of my left hand. I was outta there.

Now, like a bad boyfriend the bug is back, or his ugly cousin. Gives one pause. Fosters humility, you could say, as if that was good for something. The garden becomes a big what if. What if I can’t climb the terraces? What if I can’t prune the tree? In the house the what ifs are stacked just as deep. What if I can’t manage the keyboard? The accordion?

I’ll be fine. I sit on the patio in the extraordinarily benign spring light. My garden vibrates health. Thanks to all the organic matter I’ve been dispersing for years, the soil is a teeming biome. Just a moment ago, at noon, I startled a raccoon (we startled each other), foregoing the protection of darkness to gorge on the juicy morsels easily unearthed.  Losing its nerve it scurried off.

Come on back. It’s self-pick. All you can eat.


4 responses to “THAT TAKES NERVE

  1. CAN’T MANAGE THE ACCORDION!!! PLEASE say it’s not so!!!! That is a pesky weird bug!
    Get rid of that! Do get better soon, Richard.

  2. Seconding Chuck’s Oh No’s and Please do’s. Weird bug is right!

  3. In Faro's Garden

    Perhaps if you heard me play the accordion you’d look more favorably upon the bug.


    Per Terry: No lika me dis. You may be just missing me. Fear not, I shall return anon…
    Taking loads of floral photos to accompany the regalements to come…

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