Six months of garden construction in my neighbors’ garden have led to this auspicious moment: the nailing down of the lawn. How green upon the eyes it is even if not so in an ecological sense. These new and ever more improved fake lawns are more popular than ever. Wow! No maintenance. But…but…but… early adopters, those who rolled out the carpet five or so years ago, now face an unexpected problem. Weeds are coming up through it, persistent damn invincible weeds, almost impossible to eradicate. Now what? Do you have to mow your fake lawn? Of course not. There’s Monsanto to help out.

Is the sun which so far seems beyond our manipulation going to stop degrading plastic? What happens when the plastic cracks and the weeds take over?

Don’t tell me. I know. By then the detritus of the loquat and guava trees will have buried this artifact a foot deep, and the next generation of gardeners will dig down and curse, wondering what the hell is buried down there.  If we’re so lucky.


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