The rules are simple: no googling, not even a little; multiple guesses allowed. Winner gets a signed copy of my new book, Hapless Males, sent via post, if you don’t have one already.

Quiz: The following words are synonyms used in regional dialects of Britain for a common noun. What is it?


clinkerbell, cockerbell, conkerbell

dagger, daggler, dagglet





All thanks to Robert MacFarlane, and his book, Landmarks.


6 responses to “TODAY’S QUIZ

  1. My guess is “gull.”

  2. You run a challenging contest! I couldn’t even get started. But it did motivate me to look up McFarlane’s book, which I’ve requested from the SFPL. So thanks!

  3. In Faro's Garden

    No winners yet, alas. Tomorrow I will start giving clues.

  4. You’re looking for one noun for all these words?

  5. In Faro's Garden

    Yes. All these words mean the same thing, something most, if not all of us, are familiar with.

  6. What about “coral bell”?

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