KNOWN UNKNOWNS, or, What would Jesus do?

For some reason “Name Unknown” tags appeared on my photos with faces. When I tried to get rid of the annoyance another screen popped up, in the middle of which were three faces selected from my stored photos. The tenor of the screen suggested helpfulness, encouraging me to label these three as a start. The first face was Jesus, the second and third almost identical close-ups of the Buddha on my patio. Like a slot machine, one strawberry, two cherries. The strawberry was Jesus as portrayed by (maybe) Leonardo. Salvator Mundi, famous for having been the subject of a previous warble (I waited in line to have my view and snap my photo) and shortly thereafter selling in auction for 450.3 million dollars to a Saudi princeling. (Instead of  having to pay for it upfront, the sellers are letting him pay in six monthly installments of $59,385,416.67 each. I was wondering how he could afford it.)

Salvatore is headed to the Abu Dhabi Louvre and Buddha sits here on the patio getting mossy, extremities slowly dissolving.  Those are Knowns.



2 responses to “KNOWN UNKNOWNS, or, What would Jesus do?

  1. I could pay the .67 monthly! That’s a known.

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