Announcing: renouncing

In preparation for confirmation the nuns had us practice the answers to the questions the bishop would ask.

Q. Do you renounce Satan?

A We do renounce him.

Q. And all his works?

A. We do renounce them.

In in a previous warble, inspired by Bobbi Feyerabend’s categories, I winnowed some of life’s offerings into either Alma or Sin Alma, Now a little older and a lot crankier, my segregating has simplified into Works of Satan and Everything Else. At confirmation age, I wasn’t sure how to identify his Belzeebubian hoofprints but now I know more.

My choices for perdition have, I hope understandably, a horticultural bent. One thing they all share, there’s something mightily attractive about them.

Feel free to call me unspeakable names and/or offer your own candidates.

Works of Satan (a partial list)

leaf blowers, helicopters, Fox news, Uber, oxalis, the AT&T voice saying“Let me just look that up”, feedlots, landscape fabric, plastic toys, the NRA, jasminum polyanthum, Round-up (if used on jasminum polyanthum, we can debate), football, and starring in its latest prosperity-creating iteration, la migra separating children from parents .

Everything Else

subject to review


4 responses to “Announcing: renouncing

  1. OK then, Amen…

  2. A good list of the bad. And shorter than I would have expected given the times and the direction in which they’re a’changin’. Thanks for the injection of laughter and perspective.

  3. I would like to add WalMart

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