My neighbor Luisa

When she was dying Luisa had three requests of her grandchildren.

Be kind to your parents.  Take care of my dog (a 3-legged mutt).  Never vote Republican.

Another day with the illusion it can’t get much worse and it gets a lot worse, spiced appropriately by a mass shooting.

Stolen election, stolen Supreme Court seat, stolen the belief in decency and progress. Lest we despair, we who are not likely to outlive Gorsuch and such: think how far gay rights has come in one lifetime.  Women are rising up.  See Ireland. Things change, sometimes rapidly, sometimes even for the better


2 responses to “My neighbor Luisa

  1. Hope, meager though it may be, will triumph. Who knows when!

  2. Did you read Rebecca Solnit’s letter from Paris?

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