In which Faro has Feelings


4 responses to “In which Faro has Feelings

  1. “I want to kiss you til the cows come home. And don’t you forget it.”

    That is what this lovey post reminds me of. Also, it reminds me how gifted you are, both in the garden and with a pen.



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  2. Oh thankyouthankyouthankyou fellow denizen of garden despair, garden design despair. Should we form a support group where every month we visit another despairer’s garden, where we are taken on the path of the what we had hoped but never happened, what we thought would bloom in tandem but didn’t, what would do better in another part of the garden, the part of the garden that for twenty years you have never found one single thing that really works there?

    • In Faro's Garden

      Despairers’…what’s the opposite of anonymous? Despairers’ Notorious Club, DNC, not to be confused with the Democratic National Committee. But then again perhaps too easily confused. we could charge a members’ fee and maybe make enough to rent a bulldozer.

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