About R. E. Faro

R. E Faro is the writer of an acclaimed garden column that appears on a seasonal basis in The East Bay Monthly.  His book, “In Faro’s Garden; a Tour and Some Detours” is available from spdbooks.org, as well as amazon.com.  Marcia Donahue says of his book:  “An inspired expose of what crawls out—or burst into blooom—when soil and soul are aroused by the cultivation of plants, language and self.  Diverse gorgeousness.”


5 responses to “About R. E. Faro

  1. Louis Bixenman

    I am so happy to see R. E. Faro’s blog online again. It deserves a wide audience, not only of gardeners but also those who love language and those who appreciate witty, quiet reflections and insights on daily life in everyday activities. Write On!

  2. I love your book, In Faro’s Garden. I was hooked by your “Puka” report of the garden tour and decided to pursue the conversation. Your style is entertaining and absorbing. Kudos !

  3. Hello, not sure if this blog is still active, but I wanted to tell you that I am from Hays Kansas and my family cooked with this berry all the time. Around 1990, my aunt send me a homemade pack of flower seeds from her garden and a Schwartzbeeren plant grew with the flowers. At the time I lived on Hayes Street, between Fillmore and Stiener in SF. Not sure, but could be how the plant came to SF.

  4. AvocadoGranny

    Re: your friend Rita’s avocado tree smitten by termites, my beloved, 50+ yr old tree in the East Bay is drooping and not looking well. Was Rita’s tree in Nigeria or N. CA? -AvocadoGranny

    • In Faro's Garden

      It is in Nigeria, so I doubt there’s any corresponding ailment. I hope you can figure out what ails yours.

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